Weekly Spotlight: Revolution White

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In the heart of Austria’s wine country lies a vineyard like no other. Johannes Zillinger, a name synonymous with innovation and dedication, has been crafting wines that are not just unique but simply delicious.

One such gem is the Revolution White. This exquisite blend of Chardonnay, Scheurebe, and Riesling is a robust symphony of flavors. Each grape variety plays a vital role in creating a wine that is both complex and delectable.

The Chardonnay brings a luscious fruitiness, weight, and a delightful texture to the wine. Meanwhile, Scheurebe lends its floral characteristics, adding a touch of elegance to the palate. And let’s not forget the Riesling solera, the structural backbone of the wine, providing the perfect balance of acidity and a rocky, mineral mouthfeel. It’s the wine for every moment, from aperitifs to seafood, poultry, and pork.

But what truly sets Zillinger wines apart is a natural and minimalistic approach to winemaking. Johannes Zillinger, the driving force behind the winery, learned the art of organic winemaking from his father, Hans. Hans embraced organic viticulture in 1983, a mere two years before the infamous antifreeze scandal rocked the Austrian wine industry. In 2013, Johannes took over the winery and continued his family’s legacy, pushing the envelope even further. He transitioned to biodynamics, a significant chapter in the winery’s 350-year history. Today, all Zillinger wines proudly carry Demeter biodynamic certification.

Unfined, unfiltered, and containing zero sulfur, the Revolution White lets the grapes speak for themselves. The result is a clean, natural wine – interesting, powerful, and complex without being weird or funky.

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