Women in Wine and Spirits: Cornelia Hodges of Troddenvale Ciders

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As part of Women’s Month, we at Tipsy want to shine a light on our favorite women wine and spirit-makers, whether they’re new to the game or industry veterans.

Will and Cornelia Hodges started Troddenvale Ciders in 2018. The two met while working in Argentina, where they handled marketing and operations for a small wine producer. They moved to Napa, and eventually to Virginia with the goal of starting a sustainable cider company – combining modern winemaking and old school cider techniques.

They purchased Oakley Farm in 2018 from Will’s grandparents with the intent of preserving the land through agriculture – planting 2,000 apple trees of 20 different varieties.

“That’s how we came to cider,” Cornelia told Virginia Living, “[asking] where’s the texture, where’s the aroma, where’s the mouthfeel?” It’s that sense of curiosity and exploration that guides their hands, from farming to bottling.”

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