Women in Wine and Spirits: Johanna Cecillon

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As part of Women’s History Month, we at Tipsy want to highlight some of the incredible women involved in the wine and spirits business. We’ve got stories to tell and bottles to share, courtesy of our favorite ladies!

Johanna Cécillon and her husband Louis continue their family legacies by creating exceptional ciders at Domaine Johanna Cécillon. Johanna’s family has a long history of cider-making in Brittany, while Louis hails from a lineage of winemakers in Ardèche. With previous corporate experience, technical training, and a deep passion for the land and ancestral traditions, they work together to maintain the 11-hectare orchard using organic methods.

The estate is located in Sévignac and Trédias in northern Brittany, with 14 varieties of cider apples grown on eight hectares of high-stem orchards. The couple meticulously handpicks apples and creates cider while maintaining a deep respect for the land. Johanna and Louis manually ferment each of the 14 apple varieties separately using only wild yeasts, before blending them into three different cuvées. The orchards have held Ecocert’s organic certification for a decade and Demeter’s biodynamic certification for over four years.

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