Trailblazers—Une Femme Wines

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Jen Pelka

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Belinda Chang

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Samantha Sheehan

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Julie Gonet-Médeville

    Happy International Women’s month! We’re spotlighting some of the ladies behind your favorite bottles in the store, and Une Femme Wines is a powerhouse collaboration of the women behind it—Jen Pelka, Samantha Sheehan, Belinda Chang, and Julie Gonet-Medeville.

    Jen Pelka launched Une Femme Wines because of her passion for wine and her long-time commitment to supporting women in the wine and restaurant industry. Before found Une Femme, Jen opened The Riddler, a well-loved champagne bar in San Francisco with an outpost in New York. In her interview with The Helm, she speaks about her business philosophy at The Riddler (which has all female advisors), which inspires Une Femme:

    “when we launched it was a really different time. The #MeToo-movement hadn’t started and Trump wasn’t President yet. I didn’t realize it would make such a bold statement [to have all female advisors]. Today, it’s a huge part of what we do and an essential part of our identity.”

    Through industry connections, Jen met Belinda, Samatha, and Julie, each of whom bring a unique perspective to the business based on their own experience in the wine and hospitality.

    Samantha founded POE in 2009, reimagining how “old world” wines could be reinterpreted in California. In an interview with Vinventions, she succinctly states her wine philosophy:

    “It is important to make wines you love to drink.”

    Belinda is a James-Beard Award winning wine expert with over twenty years of experience in the industry, working across the US in Chicago, San Francisco, and NYC. She regularly appears on ABC and Fox and contributes to Forbes, The New York Times, and more.

    Julie is the perfect compliment to the Une Femme team—she’s the leader of her family’s wine estate in Bordeaux, and has expanded her family’s centuries-long winemaking legacy across into Champagne.

    We’re thrilled to carry their bottles at Tipsy—grab a bottle of their rose, The Une Femme “Callie,” today!